Application Of PCBN Tool
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Application Of PCBN Tool


PCBN tool is suitable for automatic processing and difficult material processing

PCBN tool has high hardness and wears resistance, can in high cutting speed for a long time to produce high-precision parts (small size dispersion), greatly reduce the number of tool changes and tool wear compensation downtime time. Therefore, it is very suitable for tools and a higher degree of automation processing equipment and can make efficient equipment can be given full play.

In the application of difficult machining materials, the PCBN tool has also shown its excellent performance. Such as surface spray welding (coating) material processing, processing with other materials, tool life is very low, can not be processed by grinding method, and PCBN is the only suitable tool material. For example, the use of high alloy wear-resistant cast iron in petroleum power station equipment, the use of PCBN tool than carbide tool to improve the cutting efficiency of more than 4 times, the cost of a tool down to the original 1/5. In addition, in the cutting of sintered materials such as carbide, the PCBN tool also shows good cutting performance.

Examples of application of PCBN tool

Because of PCBN has high hardness and wear resistance, do not react with iron group metals at a high temperature of chemical inertness, so it is mainly used for high hardness material and machining of difficult-to-machine materials. Such as high-speed steel, quenched steel, high-temperature alloy, high alloy wear-resistant cast iron, sintered metal materials, surface spray welding materials and other difficult to process materials.

1. Machining hardened steel can play the effect of replacing grinding with a car, because the cutting depth is more than ten times greater than the grinding depth, so the processing efficiency is high, the surface does not produce burns. For example, when the variable speed sliding gear (20CrMnTi, HRC58 ~ 62 hardness) is machined by the car instead of grinding, the cutting efficiency is increased by more than 4 times compared with the original grinding. 2. Processing of high alloy (containing tungsten or chromium 18%) wear-resistant cast iron. Cutting speed than the carbide tool increased by more than 10 times, cutting efficiency increased by more than 4 times. 3. High-cobalt chromium-molybdenum has strong corrosion resistance. The processing speed of PCBN is 160m / min, which is 8 times that of hard alloy cutting tools. 4. Processing of thermal spraying (spray welding) materials, surface spray welding parts can not be processed by grinding, and the cutting efficiency of the carbide tool is very low. After the use of the can improve the processing efficiency, save more than 50% of the processing cost. PCBN tool can also be used for non-ferrous metal precision cutting and sintering metal cutting and so on. Beijing Demina's diamond tool grinding machine can grind the CBN tools with high fines.
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