Application Of PCBN Materials
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Application Of PCBN Materials


PCBN Is The Best Tool Material For Hard Machining Technology

1. The cutting tools made of superhard materials have the characteristics of high hardness, high young’s modulus, high thermal conductivity, low friction. And low thermal expansion, and can cut all kinds of hard materials and difficult to process materials. The red hardness and wear resistance of PCBN tools have great advantages in hard and dry cutting materials. PCBN tools are most suitable for cutting hardened steel, cold cast iron, and other high hardness ferrous metals. Because of its high hardness, when the cutting temperature is as high as 1500 ℃, it still has a high hardness. So it is usually used to process materials with hardness higher than HRC50.

2. The machining of hardened parts (hardness higher than HRC55) is usually completed by grinding and machining. However, with the development of tool materials and the improvement of machining accuracy of CNC machine tools. It has become a new way of finishing machining to replace grinding with hard cutting to complete the final machining of parts.

Demina BT-150J is a diamond tool grinder with stable performance and simple operation, which is suitable for customers with low manual skills. It can manufacture and grind high cubic boron nitride (CBN) cutting tools. Including welding turning tool, machine clip blade, boring tool, groove tool, and many other types. It is easy to grind out angles and arcs and other excessive edges on these tools.

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