Application Of Adaptive Control Technology In Rough Grinding
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Application Of Adaptive Control Technology In Rough Grinding


The main task of a rough grinding diamond is to improve the grinding efficiency, that is, to set the safety distance as little as possible, to reduce the time of “grinding” air. The grinding allowance should be removed as soon as possible within the bearing range of machine tool rigidity. Identify early that the grinding allowance has been removed (indicating that grinding resistance is minimized).

Friction between the grinding wheel and the diamond cutting tool produces intense acoustic waves that propagate on the process equipment. Monitoring the acoustic waves can accurately reflect the grinding conditions, such as whether the cutting tool and the grinding wheel contact, whether the pressure between the cutting tool and the grinding wheel (i.e., grinding resistance) is eliminated, etc. If the control system can collect this information in real-time and analyze it, so that the machine tool control system is adapted to it, it is tantamount to installing a sensitive ear to the machine tool, so that the machine tool controller becomes a more intelligent adaptive system. In fact, the development of the system was also inspired by the field workers sharpening inserts.

When normal grinding, there are two kinds of acoustic frequency is obvious characteristics, one is the moment of contact between the tool and the grinding wheel, the other is when the grinding reaches the final size (the grinding resistance drops to the minimum), which is easy to understand. The former can be used as a fast feed end, start grinding feed boundary; The latter can be used as a sign of grinding completion.

Even in cutting tools and grinding wheel in the process of “close contact”, the change of the sound wave frequency can also reflect the resistance between a cutter and grinding wheel, the “information feedback” to the machine controller, adjust the servo feed speed, the grinding in a relatively “constant” under the force of complete, for improving the grinding efficiency, extend the life of the machine tool has great significance.

Demina PCD tool grinding machine can realize rough grinding and finished grinding in one machine.

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