Acceptance Skills Of APE-40 Drill Point Grinder
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Acceptance Skills Of APE-40 Drill Point Grinder


Do you know how the semi-auto drill grinder is accepted? Below APE-40 UP- sharpening machine for sale factory Demina to introduce to everyone.

Safety aspect

1. The grinding head moves up and down and moves back and forth to limit or prevent a collision, which is safe and reliable. 2. The operation and demagnetization of the electromagnetic worktable should interlock reliably. 3. The grinding head up and down, front and rear moving rail surface should have good protection devices and should strong and durable. 4. The wheel cover should meet the requirements of JB4029. 5. The protection device for the grinding machine to prevent the workpiece from flying out. And the splash of the coolant should safe and reliable. 6. The electrical and hydraulic systems should meet the requirements of GB/T 5226.1 and JB/T 10051, respectively. 7. Safety protection should also comply with the provisions of GB 15760. 8. the joints of the grinding head and the pressure plate. The joint of the column and the guide rail shall be inspected according to the requirements of “special important fixed joint”. 9. Assess the column and bed joints as required by the “Important Fixed Joints”. 10. Vertical feed handwheel operation check and confirmation.

Dry running

1. The temperature rise test of the sander should no less than 4 hours of idling. When the steady temperature is reached, the temperature rise should not exceed the relevant standards and design specifications by measuring. The temperature near the shaft of the grinding shaft (or tank) and near the oil pool of the bed. 2. Vertical feeding accuracy test of grinding head, each feeding error should not exceed vertical feeding. And the cumulative error of 10 consecutive feedings should not exceed 20% of 10 consecutive feedings. (Inspection method: Fix the micrometer or another measuring instrument on the grinding head to make it measure the vertical contact of the grinding head. The tabletop and the grinding head are continuously fed 10 times with the minimum feed amount, and the reading is recorded). 3. Check the stability of the table at low speed, adjust the moving speed of the table to about 0.05m/min. And check the maximum stroke range with an indicator with a value of 0.01mm. The pointer should rotate evenly and continuously. 4. APE-40 semi-auto drill grinder Worktable reciprocating speed difference test shows that the difference between the reciprocating speed. And the maximum stroke of the table moving in the range of 0.1-2 m / min is not more than 10%. 5. In the reciprocating speed difference test, the reciprocating speed difference between the movement of the column in the range of 0.1-2 m/min and the maximum stroke is not more than 10%. 6. The table reciprocating motion, the maximum impact test at both ends. The speed of the grinding machine less than 35m / min, the weight of the grinding machine is less than 5t, the maximum impact of the table is less than 80mm. The weight is between 5-10t, the workbench maximum impact is less than 120mm, speed the maximum impact greater than 10t is less than 150mm. 7. The table reversal accuracy test shows that the table moves at a speed of 0.1-0.2 m/min. Moves all the way, the same speed or different speeds 5 times, and checks with an indicator with a value of 0.01. When checking, the dwell time at both ends of the workbench is less than or equal to 1.5s. The reverse error at the same speed is not more than 0.1mm. And the reverse error at different speeds is not more than 0.3mm. 8. Semi-auto tap grinder should not malfunction during the whole process of idling. The automatic cycle of idling should include all functions and all working ranges. And the rest time between these automatic cycles should not exceed 1 minute. The workbench should be at all Smooth operation within the grinding range, no impact and vibration at high speed. The table should fast and not fall, not crawl at low speed. Demina specializes in the production of High-quality APE-40 UP- sharpening machine. Welcome to buy.
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