A Correct Specification Of Using PP-60N Drill Sharpener
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A Correct Specification Of Using PP-60N Drill Sharpener


PP-60N drill sharpener uses a precision 6-claw chuck for easy setup and accurate and fast grinding. The spindle is equipped with two discs and a flat grinding wheel at the same time. And the center of the cutting edge can thin at one time, which can eliminate the trouble of the grinding wheel replacement time and the grinding wheel recalibration. Double cam-type: Both single and double-edged tools can be ground. Easy to operate. Mechanical specifications Grinding tool types: drills, class drills, chamfering tools, screw taps, end mill tips, round bars, and other tools.

A correct specification of using PP-60N drill sharpener

The bit sharpener is a high-precision grinding machine. It must be standardized during use to prevent accidents. The operation specifications of PP-60N drill sharpener are as follows, I hope everyone can remember. 1. Check whether the grinding wheel is tight and eccentric before using the equipment and whether the wear is serious. If you cannot meet the usage requirements, be sure to adjust before using. 2. Safety measures such as must wear protective glasses when operating the sharpener. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the lock tool holder greatly when the grinding wheel is running. If it needs to adjust, the grinding wheel must stop. 3. In the process of sharpening the knife with a sharpener. Remember that the feed of the tool in the direction of the grinding wheel should not too large, and it is strictly forbidden to operate in a brutal violation. 4. The grinding machine needs different grinding wheels for the grinding of different tool materials. It is strictly forbidden to grind high-speed steel tools on the alloy grinding wheel. The general-purpose grinding wheel is a resin grinding wheel. 5. PP-60N drill sharpener's common accessories must place in a designated position. Can not repair tools, must scrap. 6. After the machine is used, the work light and the grinding machine must turn off. After the operation, the dust generated on the work surface and the surrounding area must clean up in time. 7. When the sharpening machine has been used for a period of time, especially the new machine. The grinding machine must maintain in strict accordance with the maintenance procedures, and fill in the relevant record form. Remember to turn off the power supply during maintenance to avoid accidents. 8. , so now many industries can use the device. And the high performance and high quality of the equipment are also welcomed and used by users. Demina's PP-60N drill sharpener has made an important contribution to the company's grinding production. But many users do not have a deep understanding of the use and maintenance of the blade. So the blade of the sharpener often wears out. It is important to know that if the blade is worn, it will seriously affect the quality and efficiency of the work, so we must master the use of the sharpener blade.

Precautions OF Use the drill sharpener

BEIJING DEMINA PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD. sets a complete set of grinding machine manufacturers to remind users here, the blade of the bit sharpening machine should pay attention to three aspects when using. The first one is rough grinding. The purpose of rough grinding is to remove the defects of the edge of the sharpening machine and form the initial shape of the knife-edge angle so that a relatively large feed can use. The second one is fine grinding. Fine grinding is the main step of the sharpening machine. Uniform micro-feeding and full cooling are two key points worthy of using the sharpening machine when grinding with a sharpener. When the surface is silver-gray and there is a tiny burr in the back of the blade, the fine grinding is over. The third is photo-reinforcing. Generally, the photo-reinforcing refers to the grinding wheel or the tool holder moving a few strokes without using the grinding machine to increase the straightness of the cutting edge and the sharpening machine edge. The purpose of grinding the surface is self-contained.

Parameters OF PP-60N drill sharpener

Worktable left and right stroke: 250mm Worktable front and rear stroke: 180mm Grinding wheel head lifting distance: 165mm Grinding wheel head rotation angle: 360° The bevel angle behind the drill: 0°~18° Tip end angle: 40 ° ~ 180 ° Wheel size: 180 x 32 x 31.75mm180 x 19 x 31.75mm Grinding wheel speed: 3,600 rpm Motor: 60n: 1/2hp, 220v/380v80n/100: 1hp, 220v/380v
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